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A Different Look at Vignettes – f64 Academy

2021-01-30 door Fodifi

Digitale fototentoonstelling fotoclub PiXeL

2021-01-12 door Robert Van Maele

What you can do to make sure you receive our emails – WeTransfer Support

2021-01-12 door Fodifi

Kunstenaars in quarantaine (#22): Elfie Kristiana |

2021-01-05 door Fodifi

Featured Photographer – Wim Van den Bossche

2020-12-23 door Fodifi

OVU – Nieuwsbrief januari 2021

2020-12-23 door Robert Van Maele

Until the end ____ I will follow you

2020-12-16 door Robert Van Maele


A Different Look at Vignettes – f64 Academy

How to make better Vignette
Vignette © Blake Rudis – f64 Academy

Vignettes in Photoshop and ACR + Lightroom Vignettes are extremely powerful tools for grabbing your viewer’s attention.  They can very quickly make an ordinary photo look incredible!  But, there are some problems with traditional vignettes.

1.  They can look too contrived if not blended well.
2.  Traditional ACR or Lightroom vignettes don’t give you a whole lot of control.
3.  Sometimes it just looks like a giant ring around your photo.

Read more and watch the two video’s: A Different Look at Vignettes – f64 Academy

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