Glow Brushes in ACR and Lightroom – f64 Academy | Blake Rudis

I have long been a fan of the Orton Effect.   So much so, that I built my variation of it for the Zone System Express called “Radiance 2.0”.  The glowing effect makes an amazing atmosphere for your photo, regardless of the genre, but I wanted it in some Glow Brushes too!

The other day I was experimenting with the Radiance 2.0, and I thought, “What I wouldn’t  give to have this kind of glow, but in a brush!”  Of course, your first thought is to just mask the effect in Photoshop, there’s a brush, right?

Sure, but I want even MORE control than that.

Source: Glow Brushes in ACR and Lightroom {Video} – f64 Academy

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