Vivitar 500mm lens, too good to be true? – f64 Academy

Does the Vivitar 500mm lens hold up to it’s hefty $119 price tag?

It is not very often that I need a 500mm lens.  I can recall a handful of times I said it would be nice, and maybe once at Indian Beach in Oregon where I NEEDED it.  Therefore, the likelihood of me running out and buying a $2000+ lens for one or two shots every once in a while is very impractical.

Before we take this any further, let me clarify something.  I am primarily a landscape guy who is tripod mounted and more often than not, shooting between f/11 and f/16.  A super-fast telephoto is one of the least of my worries.  However, if you are a wildlife or sports photographer, by all means, you need a fast telephoto.  This post is for the tripod mounted photogs. 

While I was researching off brand telephoto lenses on Amazon, I ran across this super cheap ($119 at the time of purchase) 500-1000mm telephoto lens.   I thought it was too good to be true so I picked one up.   I figured I’d only be out $119 if it turned out to be a lemon and it might, at the least, make a good conversation piece in my camera and lens collection.  To my surprise, it is much better than expected.

Source: Vivitar 500mm lens, too good to be true? – f64 Academy

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